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With its decision in Halliburton v Chubb, the UK Supreme Court shed additional light on the legal disclosure obligations of arbitrators. However, as is often the case, the precise application of the findings from that case are limited to very specific circumstances, and the broader implications in a digital world remain somewhat uncertain. The arbitration world is becoming increasingly connected, with an ever-expanding calendar of webinars and online conferences supplanting more time-consuming in-person events. Younger practitioners are also connecting with their global peers on an unprecedented scale, as social media and other digital networks continue to grow in relevance and importance in the business world. 


As young arbitration practitioners, we rely on these digital networks more than ever to help develop our profiles and build our future practices. But what are the implications of this increased connectivity, and the ever expanding availability of digital records of such connections? What are the effects of a LinkedIn connection or skill endorsement, a virtual co-panel session, comments on social media post – or all of these combined? Can the principles in Halliburton be usefully applied to the realities of modern networking? Is it possible that public access to such information might shift the burden of disclosure on arbitrators towards one of due diligence on parties? While it may be the case that there is currently insufficient guidance, these are issues that will only continue to grow in complexity as we becoming increasingly digitally connected.


This HK45 webinar will discuss the impacts and ramifications of the Halliburton decision on younger arbitrators and those seeking to get their first appointment, and includes panelists from a diverse set of backgrounds and experience to help examine how to best navigate the post-Halliburton digital landscape.

Language: English

Agenda: (Hong Kong time)

15:00 Webinar starts

15:45 Q&A

16:00 Webinar ends


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