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Under the current PRC arbitration regime only "foreign-related" civil and commercial disputes can be summitted to foreign arbitral institutions and be governed by a foreign law. This choice can be an important one for those doing business in Mainland China. However, the interpretation of "foreign-related" has never been static.

This webinar will clarify the latest criteria for determining foreign-related elements and explore the most recent developments in making such a determination under PRC law. It will introduce to the global audience to new policies and opinions issued by the PRC Supreme People's Court.

Through this webinar, the audience will gain a clearer insight into the evolving landscape of an increasingly open and inclusive PRC arbitration market.

Key points include:

  1. What does foreign-related mean in Mainland China and why does it matter to international businesses?
  2. How have recent developments affected the criteria that are applied to establish foreign-related elements?
  3. What choices do you have in terms of the governing law of contract and the law of the arbitration agreement?
  4. Parallel proceedings: international arbitration and PRC court decisions on the validity of the arbitration agreement

Language: English