(please ignore this if you have already joined the HKMCL Membership)

To afford a badge of recognition, an incentive for advancement and to enhance the effective use of resources for those who contribute, the Hong Kong Mediation Council Limited ("HKMCL") launches HKMC Membership to accredited mediators, mediation trainees and persons who are trained or interested in mediation.

The following Membership Grades are open for application, for the year of 2024:

  • HKMCL Fellow Member;
  • HKMCL Member;
  • HKMCL Associate Member; and
  • HKMCL Student Member

(collectively, "Members")

Please click HERE for the respective criteria for the aforementioned HKMCL Membership Grades.

Rights and Benefits of a HKMC Membership:

The Rights of Members are as follows:

  • To be given notice of any general meetings;
  • To attend general meetings and be counted towards the quorum;
  • To vote at the general meetings (except Student Member who could not vote at such meetings);
  • To put forward proposals and suggestions in writing for consideration at the general meetings; and
  • To nominate a person to stand for election as a HKMCL Director.

The Benefits of Honorary Members and Members are :

  • Gaining a Professional Status in Mediation as an HKMCL Member;
  • Enjoying notifications of mediation-related information, news, trainings, etc.;
  • Enjoying access by the public through the HKMCL web-page / hyperlinks / of one's mediation qualifications / CV / professional information as Panel Members (subject to the Mediator's consent);
  • Having Priority in attending HKMCL seminars / webinars;
  • Enjoying a discount / free rate of fees for attending HKMCL seminars / webinars / events or waiver of fees, as appropriate;
  • Invitation to cocktails or other HKMCL social events;
  • Assistance in Mediation Career;
  • Prospering with HKMCL in its Brand-Building;
  • Networking opportunities;
  • Food / Entertainment privileges for Members;
  • Other benefits to be introduced from time to time

The Rights and Benefits of a Member are personal and non-transferable; and they cease on termination or non-renewal of membership

An application for membership must be made by filling out the Application Form - a hardcopy of which is accessible HERE.

About Hong Kong Mediation Council LImited (HKMCL)

HKMCL is incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) to promote the development and use of mediation as a method of resolving disputes. HKMCL used to be a division of HKIAC, and upon incorporation, HKMCL remains committed to training mediators and educating users of mediation, encouraging collaboration amongst its members and with similar institutions or professional bodies, and facilitating exchange of information and ideas in relation to mediation and other forms of ADR.

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As a wholly owned subsidiary of HKIAC