WIA Coffee Roulette is a series of bi-monthly events, aiming to provide a platform for worldwide arbitration practitioners to connect with each other and to encourage cross-cultural exchanges in the international arbitration community.


Each of the bi-monthly events will be divided into two parts: 

  • The first part is a 30-minute Main Room chat between a WIA host and a guest speaker
  • The second part is a 30-minute Satellite Room chat. Each participant will be paired with another participant, who could be our guest speaker, in a Satellite Room for a private and informal chat. The Satellite Room chat will be entirely led by the two participants

The Main Room chat of the third WIA Coffee Roulette will be hosted by Angelia Thng, Partner of Braddell Brothers, and joined by Chiann Bao, Independent Arbitrator at Arbitration Chambers, as the guest speaker. 

Please join us on 13 June 2023 for our third session in this series of WIA Coffee Roulette when Ms. Bao will share highlights of her career, practice, and advice for younger practitioners and join our Satellite Room chat.

Date: Tuesday, 13 June 2023

Time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm (HKT)

Language: English 


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